Our Mission
The physicians of AAA are dedicated to the provision of high quality patient care utilizing the most current and established clinical and scientific techniques. We achieve our mission by ensuring that the following goals are met

  1. The delivery of outstanding, safe and effective care in operating, labor and delivery rooms, postanesthetic and intensive care units.
  2. The relief of pain and suffering through the management of our acute and chronic pain services.
  3. The provision of consultant services for preoperative and postoperative care.
  4. To measure and improve care quality, cost-effectiveness and operating room efficiency with performance improvement and safety programs.
  5. To provide leadership and administrative support in organizing operating rooms, intensive care units and ambulatory surgical centers.
  6. To create an environment where learning and growth are encouraged and where professional and ethical standards of the highest level are maintained.

Underlying this mission is our awareness that patient care is the essence of medicine, and we are privileged to provide our patients with dedicated, compassionate care while remaining cognizant of each patient's individuality and right to privacy and courtesy.